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    The best team for your unique situation. 

    Veterans Housing Network understands the unique needs of the military and Veterans because we are Veterans. We always have your highest and best interest in mind and deliver complete honesty, integrity, and expertise. By pairing you with a local expert, you will be offered the peace of mind knowing that all of your real estate needs will be handled efficiently and effectively. You have had enough stress in your life. VHN will help to alleviate the added stress of home buying and selling down to the details so that you can focus on your mission and your family and your life.



    Soldier reunited with her son on a sunny day

    Moving station to station is already overwhelming and exciting, but we know it is difficult to select the right Realtor and Loan Officer. Often, many of the local “specialist” prey on your lack of local knowledge.  We take the guesswork out and find a local Veteran Realtor or Loan Officer that will understand your needs, because they have been there and done that, and they will represent you with the highest integrity, professional knowledge, and swift, decisive negotiating. You can feel confident that through your relationship with a VHN Realtor or Loan officer. You will be offered the highest caliber of expertise, and you will minimize your stress while maximizing your objective.

    PCS Relocation

    Expiration of Time in Service

    Just because this is your final move out of the military does not mean we stop supporting you. We know how difficult and overwhelming it can be to transition into civilian life, we have done it. Not only are you transitioning to civilian life, but you are also moving to a new area or possibly back home. We know the best Realtor's, Loan Officers, and Moving specialists to streamline your escape to freedom. Our Veteran team of local experts will help you with all of the resources to get you acclimated to your new life, from helping you find the best schools, Veteran organizations, and activities. VHN is here to help you with your future and your goals, and we understand what it takes to transition into your new life.

    ETS Move
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    Veterans are the strength of our country.

    Our great nation owes its freedom and liberties to the blood, sweat, and tears that have been shed by Veterans and their families. Our country is made strong by our services stateside and abroad, and we believe that our continued service to our local communities is just as valuable. That is why we give 10% of our profits to local Veteran charities. We also encourage all of our team to get out and support their local community through volunteering at the local Veteran non-profits, coaching youth sports, or building homes for Veterans and their families.

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    First, thank you for your service!

    Whether you are starting a new family, moving to a new area,  upsizing, downsizing, or investing, Veterans Housing Network is here to support you through your home buying process. VHN actually cares about your needs and understands them.  Our Veteran network serves every corner of our great nation and yet will provide the local knowledge you need. We secure the most competitive loans, the most competent Realtors, and the finest service you would expect from your Brother or Sister. By connecting with other Veterans, we will actuate a tighter Veteran community and provide the exceptional service you deserve when buying or selling your home.

    Buying New Home
    Veterans Housing Network is what the military community has been needing. It is about time that our community has knowledgeable, understanding, and competent leaders in real estate that will ensure our Active Duty and Veterans are represented and treated fairly. VHN is a breath of fresh air and an excellent group of human beings.
    Cullen G
    My experience with VHN was incredible. I didn't realize it at the time, but the more I learn, the more impressed I am with the knowledge our agent, Michelle R. had. I'm quite analytical and it was my 2nd time buying a house, but Michelle was able to guide through what VA loans are looking for, who appraisers are in the area and what they will spot needing corrected, and how to structure an offer that creates more a partnership for the buyer and seller.
    William H.
    Loveland, CO
    My husband and I were blown away at the service and hospitality we received from Michelle Roberts with Veterans Housing Network. We were first time VA Home buyers who also wanted to close in under 30 days! Were we crazy..maybe? During this process Michelle answered every question clearly and in a very timely manner, no matter how odd. With our 30 day closing deadline and last minute change in loan officer, she really kept us on track to close on time!
    Nick & Robbin P
    We looked for multiple houses on our own and even with the power of the internet and DIY, we succeeded far greater with hands-on experience and expertise in the specific VA field. There's a big difference in using a Real Estate agent, and using a VA trained Real Estate Agent. Many agents won't even look at offers from a VA loan because they don't quite understand how to navigate them, making it more difficult. Difficulty is all relative, it's an easy process for VHN and their affiliates. I hope you too have the opportunity to work with a VHN agent, it will open up a lot more doors, literally.
    William H.
    Loveland, CO
    There are many wonderful things I can speak about with our purchase but I'll just sum it up with this. We felt 110% confident with partnering with Michelle! To anyone looking for a great real estate agent you've found the right one!!
    Nick & Robbin P
    “ Michelle with Veteran Housing Network, is a fabulous person and wonderful realtor! She helped in finishing up The small issues at my house when I wasn't there to make sure the house sold at its top dollar. She kept me informed at all times and guided me through the changing market with The COVID 19 crisis. All in all, great experience! I don’t hesitate in the slightest to recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.” - Christine R.
    John Smith
    As a service member or veteran, sometimes you don’t know where to start with moving.So you look towards your network of Active, Reserves and the most important Veteran networks for their experiences and advice. Most of the time you reflect back and wish there was something you would have known before hand.I am reaching out to you to let you know if you are active, reservist, or a veteran and would like a great place to start formulating your move, reach out the those at Veteran Housing Network!Those who started Veterans Housing Network with Michelle Roberts truly have your interest and goals in mind every step of the way.If you reach out to them let them know about my post as our network looks out for one another and I wanted to share a great resource with you to make the best decisions before, during, and well after moving!
    Devin H.
    I had been renting for years not even knowing where to begin to buy a home, let alone knowing if I could possibly qualify since I only receive disability from the VA as my income. VHN helped to educate me, get me qualified with a veteran lender, and then helped me find the perfect home. I no longer have to rent and instead I am building equity and finally have my life heading in the right direction.
    Jack S.
    Army Veteran


    Owning a home is the beginning of building your wealth and future. Let's face it. You are always buying a house but if you are renting, you are buying that house for someone else. Many misconceptions surround using your VA Loan and purchasing a home. We will help you bust those myths and find out what you can do to secure your new home. For instance, did you know that you can use your VA Loan multiple times?  Did you know that you don't have to have perfect credit to buy a home? Did you know your home interest is tax-deductible? VHN will connect you with Veteran experts that will educate and assist you, whether it's your first time buying or your 100th. We know the truth. You worked hard for every dollar, and educated homeownership can help your dollars work for you.

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    We are Family

    We were founded for one purpose: to help our fellow veterans when they are moving.


    We served together, got dirty together, and signed up to sacrifice our lives if we were called to do so


    The United States of America is great, and we defended it and will continue to do so


    The reason we all do what we do


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