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How much does your VA Loan qualify for?

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VA Loans are one of the reasons VHN was founded. 
After over 20 years in the real estate industry, Michelle Roberts, the founder, was tired of seeing her comrades taken advantage of by large companies that prey on Veterans and Active Duty, while saying that they have the best programs. 
Michelle saw, time and time again, huge closing costs and higher interest rates from the large, national companies.  She decided  to flip the script and instead connect brothers and sisters to local Veteran agents who then in turn, connect with local lenders, many of who are Veterans, and offer incredible rates and super low closing costs. 
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Veterans Housing Network is the only Veteran-to-Veteran Real Estate Referral Network that provides Veterans and Active Duty Personnel with the most effective and superior real estate experience tailored to the specific needs of the military community. VHN is committed to absolute integrity, excellence, and superiority, and is poised to address the diverse needs of the military communities real estate experiences.

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Veterans Housing Network fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. 

Veterans Housing Network is 100% Veteran-owned and operated, with 10% of profits going back to veteran charities