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    Veterans Housing Network


    Veterans Housing Network

    Tired of seeing companies prey on Veterans and their families while offering no real benefit and often exploiting Veterans?

    Corey and Michelle Roberts, both Veterans, founded the Veterans Housing Network. Veterans Housing Network (VHN) is the only Veteran-to-Veteran nationwide real estate network. VHN has compiled a vetted list of proven Veteran Agents that will not only relate to and understand Active Duty and Veteran Housing needs, but will ensure the highest quality of service, value, and absolute integrity. All Veterans in the network will guarantee an honest, competent, local expertise, and take the stress out of the home buying or selling process. In addition, VHN felt it necessary to take the mission a step further and donates 10% of every transaction back to local Veteran non-profits and programs, thus benefiting our Veteran community in multiple, meaningful ways.



    Veteran to Veteran

    Work directly with someone who knows what it means to serve


    Industry-leading Veteran Realtors and Lenders


    Local knowledge and expertise


    Understands challenges Veterans and Active Duty face


    Gives back 10% to local Veteran non-profits and programs


    Experts that Care about You

    At Veterans Housing Network, you will not be put into a one-size-fits-all uniform.  Instead, you will be paired up with a Veteran Realtor who has the local market expertise and understands the diverse and complex needs of a military community.  At VHN, you will also be aligned with a local lender that will offer you the best rates, closing costs, and efficiency in closing. The ultimate goal of VHN is to align your needs with Realtors, Lenders, and the affiliates they have entrusted to streamline your home-owning, moving process and to alleviate any stress for you while not preying on your Military/Veteran status.



    While other companies boast that they understand Veterans because they simply have Veteran in their name, or a "panel" of military advisors, Veterans Housing Network is owned and ran 100% by Veterans and acts in the best interest of our brothers and sisters at all times.  Not only do we have the only Veteran-to-Veteran Real Estate Referral Network in the nation, but we also give back 10% of all proceeds to local, proven, Veteran non-profits that promote Veteran well being and help Veterans in need.


    Michelle Roberts


    Veteran to Veteran. After serving in the US Air Force during Operation Desert Storm, Michelle found herself preferring to be around only other Veterans who shared the same experiences and understood the military mindset. She went on after the military to finish her degrees in Political Science and Business and ran several small companies but was always aware of the disconnect between civilians and the military. This need was seen to be even greater once she launched her real estate career and found that Veterans were often exploited and misled. As Commander of the local VFW, she became even more enlightened to the frustrations felt by the Veteran community. Intent to make a change, Michelle committed herself to change the face of how Active Duty and Veterans experienced the home buying and selling process. With the knowledge that Veterans ultimately understand Veterans best and are committed to excellence, hard work, and integrity, Michelle launched the Veterans Housing Network to make the lives of her comrades better with an honest, intuitive, and cohesive real estate experience.


    Corey Roberts


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