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    Buying a New Home

    PCS • ETS • Veteran

    No matter the move we have you covered. 

    New orders in hand? 

    Ready for the move but don't want to take up leave days to look for a new home or deal with the unknown? Let's face have to move quickly, and you need someone in your corner who understands what you are up against.  You need local knowledge, absolute diligence and someone who can buffer the stress for you. Since Veteran Realtors and Lenders are helping you, you can guarantee that they have "been there and done that," and they will see you through to the end.


    We have a list of proven Veteran Realtors and Lenders at your current duty station, who understand your situation and who can help you sell your house for top dollar and navigate the easiest path to relocation. They understand how to do remote closings, sell a home quickly and for top dollar, and the value of excellent negotiating.


    Before arriving at your new assignment, we will connect you with a Veteran Realtor who will help you navigate your new location and identify the perfect home. They will be extremely proficient in the local market, schools, local lifestyle, and the best VA Home Loan lenders to pair you with. They will know the quiet areas of town, the parks, the social life, moving companies, cleaners, and commute times. VHN has vetted every Realtor we have in our network to ensure that they are the real deal and will be able to help you use your leave days for something other than looking at a bunch of homes that aren't your style.

    Since they are local, they will be able to pair you with a local VA Loan officer. Your amazing team will have you better positioned so you can win the contract for your home; since most agents prefer local lenders in the event of competing contracts.  VHN Realtors have higher than a 90% success rate at winning bids in the event of competing offers. We do that by educating all parties on the benefits of a VA buyer and through superior negotiating.

    Once they have you locked into your new home contract, you can focus on the rest of the details that come with PCS/ETS and move on with your life.


    Buying or Selling

    Whether you have been out for decades or months, VHN knows the Veteran home buying process. All Veteran Realtors and Loan officers are incredibly knowledgeable about what it takes to make a successful move.  From identifying the perfect property to negotiating the contract and securing the loan, VHN provides unparalleled expertise.

    Veterans understand the needs of Veterans, and VHN nurtures our relationships with understanding and local knowledge. Each market is truly unique and requires nimble experts that can help you navigate the sometimes complex process.


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    We are here to help you with the entire moving process?