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    New Military Installation Guide

    Sep 28, 2020 1:24:32 PM

    As my husband and I sat and talked about our blog post for the day, we ended up marveling at the lack of information that is disseminated for military members when they PCS to a new base or post.  When he was transferring from Fort Benning to Fort Carson, he was sorely lacking in resources and ended up not utilizing the many resources that would have made his PCS more smooth and efficient.  His real estate agent was some rando he selected from the interweb, (obviously days before Veterans Housing Network) and the home he purchased remotely was not quite the charmer his agent described.  Of course, most of this did not matter too much since he found himself in the sandbox for most of his time stationed at Fort Carson, but it sure would have been better if someone, anyone, would have made resources available to him.  Let's face it, you need all the help you can get!

    Military Times has done a great job and published a basic who's who and what's what at your new duty station and hopefully this will be a nice resource for your next PCS.  We have attached this for your utilization, but we also want to let you know that we can help you even further.  Want to know about schools, clubs, parks, desirable areas, market conditions, culture, commute times, activities, rec name it.....let us connect you with a local Veteran expert that can point you in the direction you want to go and help make your next PCS not such a pain in the....

    Click the link below to access Military Times Installation Guide!



    In our next blog we will provide resources for ETS.....see you soon!



    Michelle Roberts, an Operation Desert Shield/Storm Veteran founded Veterans Housing Network in response to the overwhelming need to provide honest, non-predatory, local Real Estate expertise and service to her military family